15 November 2011

Harvest Decor: DIY Plaster & Pine Cone Garland

by Veronica

I've been flitting around my home decorating table tops and doors for Fall, but so many areas seem to go untouched. One of these areas: my windows. We have 3 large windows in our living room that let in lots of light (when we actually get light at this time of year) but they're kept pretty simple: white curtains and brown roman shades. This year, I decided to spruce them up for Fall!

I found a great idea on one of my favorite DIY blogs for plastering silk leaves and creating a garland. I'd never used plaster before, but it looked easy enough, so I bought a bucket and got to work. Boy, oh boy. Turns out - I'm not made for plaster. To be quite honest, the process wasn't quite as seamless as I had anticipated and I only completed 8 leaves before the plaster completely dried up on me. I thought the project was a failure and I was ready to throw in the towel. I took a deep breath, walked away from my project and did what any defeated DIY-er would do - I went on Pinterest!

While surfing Pinterest for more amazing ideas I could try, I came across this post. Pine cone garland, eh? I took a look at my 'failed' plaster leaves and decided they didn't look as awful as I originally thought. And maybe adding pine cones between each leaf would help to dress it up and take away from the not-so-perfect looking leaves.

I screwed small eyes screws (from a picture hanging kit I had on hand) into the pine cones (purchased from Michaels, but you could certainly collect your own) and hung them on the dollar store twine I was using for the garland. I tied the stems of each leaf in the garland (eye-balling the spacing) and voila!

The garland looks great hanging on the large windows in the living room and helps bring the decor off the table and into 'the light'.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you were inspired!


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  1. They turned out great Veronica! Isn't pinterest the best!
    Puppy Hugs,


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