21 May 2014

MCT Whatever Wednesday: Owl Baby Card

by Veronica

It's an exciting season of life for my husband and me. Friends all around us are starting families and it's so much fun to be a part of that with them. Before you get too excited, No - I am not pregnant. We've got another year or so until that happens, but in the meantime, it's great to celebrate with friends!

*****Story behind the project to follow. If you just want to see the project feel free to skip this part*****

I love to give a small congratulatory gift when we find out that friends are pregnant. Usually, I stick to a theme that makes sense for the new parents and try to keep it gender-neutral since it's too early to know for sure. Apparently, all of the themes I look for do NOT come in gender-neutral designs when I need them. So I've been known to buy 2 outfits - one for a boy and one for a girl.

When our friends, the Fishes, found out, I bought fishy onesies. When the Fenders found out, I bought guitar onesies. Now that the *Smiths (name changed to protect the pregnant who aren't announcing yet) are expecting, we decided to stick to an owl theme because Mrs. *Smith LOVES owls.

This time I took The Hubs with me to find some gender-neutral (or dual) onesies featuring owls. That was a bust. We could find NO gender-neutral or boy owl clothes at all. When The Hubs suggested we purchase receiving blankets or toys, I had to explain about the belly.

"You see," I told him, "women drape new baby clothes over their bellies to imagine the wee one inside wearing it." He looked at me confused. "It's a thing," I told him. He still doesn't quite understand what it's all about, but he's decided to concede and just take my word for it.

After leaving a couple stores disappointed with the selection, I had an idea. A crocheted owl hat for newborn photos would be PERFECT! The only problem: I do NOT crochet.

Not to worry, though. My awesome Grandma does. So I sent her a free pattern I found online, met her at Joann's to purchase the yarn a couple days later and before week's end she had crocheted THE most adorable hat ever.

*****For those interested in the project only: start here*****

Hat crocheted by my fabulous Grandma. Free pattern found on Repeat Crafter Me
Of course, I had to make a special card for the expecting parents to go along with the hat. I kept it simple so the gift would be the star of the show. Tonight we're meeting the mommy-and-daddy-to-be for dinner. I'm so excited to give them their gift!

MCT Products Used
Classy Girl Accessories (baby buggy)
4x4 Journal Die
Birthday Buddies (owl)

I'm so glad you were able to stop by today! Be sure to head over to the MCT blog to see what the other designers have created for Whatever Wednesday!

I hope you were inspired!

- Veronica


  1. OMG Veronica!!! This is so super adorable!!!
    Such an AWESOME hat~your grandma ROCKS!!!
    and that card is too precious!!!
    Your friends are going to LOVE this!!!

  2. I agree..OMG that hat is so darn adorable,love the matching card too...adorable-ness!!!

  3. OMG Miss Vicky your owl idea is awesome you card is so cute and the hat is super adorable.....WOW kudos to your sweet grandma. I loved reading your story and it's so cool what you do....you are just the best ever!!

  4. ADORABLE! Your grandma is super talented and that card coordinates perfectly! What a sweet thing that you do for your friends that are expecting. I LOVE it! Hugs- Glora

  5. Grandma did a great job on the cute hat. What a fun tradition to give gifts like this. Your card is so clever with the buggy and the owl stamp! The owl is in your favorite colors too. Fabulous job and thanks for the link! The Mickey & Minnie hats are cute too.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  6. Love the card! Your grandma did an amazing job with the hat! :)

  7. The hat is so adorable. I am sure the parents will love it. Your Grandma did an amazing job!

  8. OMG LOVE that sweet card and that AWESOME hat, TOO CUTE my friend!!!! :)

  9. OMG ~ this is ADORABLE!!!! I LOVE it and that owl in the baby carriage is ADORBS too! Oaky that was a HUGE teaser you know that RIGHT???? Sigh! But when you are both ready that is when you should do it! you are so creative on this idea bout how you make the gifts ~ LOVE that idea too!


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