20 February 2013

MCT 3D Wednesday: Organizing My Closet

by Veronica

I had a very messy room as a child. I never understood HOW it was possible for other kids to keep their rooms clean when mine would be strewn with clothes, toys, and who-knows-what-else within minutes of tidying it up.

But once I moved in with my husband, I became somewhat of a 'clean-freak'. Now everything has its place and if it's not pretty, useful or sentimental, it's given away or trashed. I'm working on a fine balance between having a clean, welcoming home and having a heart attack when I find something out of its designated area.

My newest organizational project is our linen closet. My dream closet looks something like this. But I really don't want to spend money on fancy baskets and other items to straighten up a closet. Let's face it: I'm really the only one who goes in there. So for now, I'm going to (try to be) content with just fixing it up and giving it some thought-out organization.

My first project is turning ugly/utilitarian paper boxes into streamlined holders-of-all-things. After covering my box in kraft wrapping paper, I simply wrapped some pretty ribbon and twine around it and hung a very easy-to-make tag to identify the box's contents. Easy. Peasy.

MCT products used:

I'll continue to make more boxes/tags for sheets and other items and see how I like it. This is a project in progress.

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I hope you were inspired!

- Veronica


  1. What a clever and unique idea and I agree with you that something like this does spruce up a closet and makes it look designer well actually it is done by a designer that would be you!!! GREAT job!!!

  2. Perfect idea! Your tag looks great, Veronica!

  3. Looks wonderful. I agree, don't spend the money on the 'stuff' to make it pretty& organized...you obviously found a much simpler way...no fuss, no muss! Love yoru tags and twine. --C

  4. This is a great idea! What a fun and cute way to label something you can't see into. This is a great project...thanks for sharing!

  5. I think this is an awesome idea. Patiently waiting for the end pic of how it all works out. ;)

  6. Great way to tag your towels and look so pretty! I like skewed design and letters on the tag!
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  7. This is such a great idea Veronica!:)

  8. Veronica ~ Hehehehe I so enjoy reading your posts ~ I always laugh and totally get inspired! Well this is dfinetly one of them!! The inspiration is AWESOME but let me say so is your linen closet! Oh my! I am constantly straightening mine up! But let me say you might have really struck a cord here!!! Your tag is such a wonderful idea and I misght have to give this a try! Plus I love the rolled towels idea!!


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