15 March 2014

Fresh Colors + a FREE Printable

by Veronica

As a fellow crafter, you probably understand how difficult it can be to design something for yourself. I love to design cards, invitations, blogs and web graphics for people and know exactly what will work best for them. But when it comes to my own stuff? Pfffttt. I can be so indecisive.

Recently, my design site, VK Design Company, has undergone a MAJOR overhaul and I just LOVE the fresh colors I used. Yes, LOVE. In fact, I love them so much that I just re-colored this crafty blog to match (did ya notice?).

In celebration of this fresh new look, I'm offering a FREE printable on my design blog using the same colors.

Super cute, right? Just click here to be taken to the post with the download link. The VK Design Company logo will NOT be on your printed version.

- Veronica


  1. Hi Veronica I love your new look it's so pretty just so Spring I love it. Great color choices.


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