28 October 2011

2011 Halloween Living Room Table Decor

by Veronica

Just because you're done using an item for its original purpose, doesn't mean you're done USING the item! Think of alternate uses for your 'oldies' to make them come back as 'goodies'! It's not only good for the environment (reduce, reuse, recycle!), but it's good for your WALLET - be green, SAVE green!

I found this raven on sale at Michaels. And though I didn't have a use for him in mind right when I spotted him, I knew that if I went home without him, I'd regret it. I decided later to 'cage' him in a hurricane I had laying around and set him atop some black river rocks (from my June wedding centerpieces) and purple feathers (that I had purchased for my Halloween Wreath).

I wanted the glitter spiders (a Michaels find) to 'climb' into the hurricane, but didn't want to get the hurricane all glue-y (I plan on re-using it for my Fall decor). Instead, I punched out 3/4" circles of black vinyl and 'pop-dotted' my spiders onto their own little circles. The circles then stick to the glass and come off without any hassle (or leftover residue)! GENIUS, if I may say so myself. *wink*

My glitter sticks with feather flowers are a TOTAL DIY project! The sticks were originally brown branches adorned with autumn flowers and buds. They were used on last year's Fall wreath (just WAIT 'til you see THIS year's!). Since I no longer needed them as they were, I popped the flowers and buds off and glittered the sticks (Mod Podge + Martha Stewart Purple Sapphire Fine Glitter). I then put some black leaves on the sticks (left over from the black roses I used on my Halloween Wreath, Dining Centerpiece, and Flower Arrangement). For the 'flowers', I used some leftover purple feathers. You know those teeny, tiny feathers you find in the pack? I used THOSE!

I hope you've been inspired to re-purpose your old decor! Stop back tomorrow for an extra-special TREAT!


  1. I don't see a picture Veronica. Am loving your blogging though, makes me want to read all the way through!!! I need to make a trip to the salvation army to see what I can find, haven't been in a long time. TFS your creativity!!!
    Puppy Hugs!

  2. This is waaaay kool, I absolutely want you to come decorate my house. LOL
    Puppy Hugs!

  3. This is AWESOME! It's so creepy GOOD!


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