29 October 2011

Halloween Pretzel Treats

by Veronica

Cute little packages filled with goodies are fun for 'kids' of all ages! Why should elementary children be the only ones bringing adorable treats to their friends?

My husband had a Halloween Potluck at work yesterday and needed a 'dish' to bring in. I'm no chef! I prefer to stick with baked goods and chocolate. I had seen some cute Christmas pretzels on Pinterest and knew that with a little altering they'd be a great Halloween treat to send in to those hungry Software Developers!

I started out by melting Dark, Light and White Chocolate in separate mugs. This can be done in the microwave, but that's not the way my Mom taught me! Here are Mom's directions:
  1. Put 2 paper towels in the bottom of a fairly deep pan (the kind with real 'sides' to it)
  2. Fill the paper towel-lined pan about 1-1/2" to 2" deep with water.
  3. Heat the water on low/medium (the water should not boil).
  4. Put as many mugs into the pan as you need colors/flavors.
  5. Add chocolate candy melts to each mug and stir occasionally as they melt
Once my chocolate was good and melt-y, I dipped pretzel rods into the mugs (one at a time) and let the excess chocolate drip off (no need to go crazy with the chocolate - unless you want to, of course!). I then sprinkled each pretzel with crushed up Reese's Pieces (crushed with love by yours truly).

Side note: How do YOU pronounce 'Reese's Pieces'? I know how it's supposed to be pronounced, but I can't help but say "Reesies Peesies" *giggle*

I set each pretzel into a wine glass (Because I'm classy like that. *wink* No, actually because the rims were low enough to not really interfere with the chocolate and crushed candy). I didn't want to lay them down onto wax paper until they were dry enough to not stick to it and get flattened on the bottom.

When I was all done dipping and sprinkling 50 pretzels, I wrapped them in treat bags (found at your local craft/baking supply store) and tied a sweet little tag to them using twine.

I wanted to keep my tags simple (since there were 50 of them and it was 11pm) so I just punched a fun shape out of Stampin' Up! Very Vanilla Card Stock and stamped cute Halloween images from Peachy Keen's Nikkity Knack Cat Gang (kitty and bat) and My Creative Time's Small Talk ('Boo!' sentiment). I did half the tags with the kitty and half with the bat. I used a Light Prawn Copic Marker (R22) to color in the kitty's ears and nose.

I originally thought about not packaging these treats and just putting them in jars, but wanted they to be transportable - easy to take back to your desk to enjoy while you're working! I stuck the wrapped and tagged pretzels into a basket I had around that I lined with black tissue paper. I hope my husband's coworkers enjoy these treats as much as I enjoyed making them!

Thanks for stopping by today. Be sure to come back next week for more fun projects!!!

- Veronica


  1. What a SWEET idea and packaging! The workers will love these. Nice touch about Mom's way!Every Mom should have a Daughter like you, you make me very proud to be your mom.

    Keep creating,


  2. They sound soo yummy!!! Love your mom's comment, very sweet!!! Sounds like a great idea to melt the chocolate & store the pretzels until they dry. I prefer a higher choc to pretzel ratio!!! lol
    Puppy Hugs!


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