27 October 2011

2011 Halloween Table Centerpiece

by Veronica

A candelabra is a great way to add a classy touch to any dining table. Add 'bloody' candles and some spider webs, and you have a SPOOKTACULAR centerpiece!

Most of the pieces that make up this spooky decor are from Salvation Army (my FAVORITE store!). The white pillar holder was originally a beige/brown color and I spray painted it with Rustoleum Flat White to give it new life. The 'collar' that the 'boy' skull sits on is another pillar holder that I grabbed from Salvation Army. I kept it as-is; figuring that I could also use it in my Autumn decor.

The skulls were purchased from Walmart a couple years ago. They both originally look like the 'boy' skull here on my table. I added the rose to his mouth - just stuck it through (the skulls are made of foam). I Mod Podged the 'girl' and glittered her with Martha Stewart Black Onyx Fine Glitter. I then made a cute little bow and stuck it to her head using floral wire.

The candelabra's base (a STEAL for $2.99!!!) is wrapped in black roses and then covered in faux spider webs. I just love the added spookiness the candles add to the table.

If you're interested in adding 'bloody' candles to YOUR Halloween decor, you'll need:
  1. As many white taper candles as you want to make 'bloody'
  2. One red taper candle ***Be sure the candle is red ALL THE WAY through and not just a white candle dipped in red! You must have red wax to do this technique!***
  3. Small container filled with sand (to catch any wax that 'misses' the candle)
  4. Lighter

Stick your first white candle in the sand.

Light your red candle and angle it so that the wax drips onto your white candle

Repeat with more white candles.

Easy peasy, right? I burned my white candles for a little bit BEFORE adding the red wax. This way, they looked used and not brand new, out-of-the-package.

I hope you've been inspired by my centerpiece! Come back tomorrow for more Halloween decor!

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  1. This looks awesome Veronica!!! Will you come decorate my house??? ;) Love your instructions on your posts!!!
    Puppy Hugs!


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